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Supercross, Enduro, and Supermoto stand as the most powerful off-road motorbikes in Vietnam. In the Vietnamese market, people do not really get strange with these motorbikes. However, some hidden reasons lead to the fact that they haven’t been much popular on every riding road. Anyway, the main one is because there are few choices of bike models in Vietnam.   

Supercross – professional for performance and racing, no lights, horns, and turn signals, lightweight and no trafficking 

Enduro – semi-professional, public standards components, not many-spike tires, flexibly used off-road or long run road

Supermoto – street style with less-spike tires, same loop in front and back

For almost all Vietnamese riders, the dirt bikes lead to the feeling of being uncomfortably tall on using. Enduro in common includes Honda XR 150L 825mm high, Yamaha XTZ 125L 840mm high, Honda CRF 150 L 869mm high and Kawasaki KLX 150 BF 870 mm high. With the people who are shorter than the height of those off-road Vietnam motorbikes will be difficult to handle and occupy more space on road rather than the other vehicles. 

Specifically, the price for rent is double or triple higher than a normal motorcycle which is only costs from VND150, 000 to VND200, 000 in the fact that visitors usually tend to hire a motorbike at the aimed destination to discover Vietnam after the flight.

Nevertheless, in recent 2 years, Vietnamese youngsters have got several real journeys through winding roads, experienced dirt trails and single tracks that North of Vietnam originally offer. While in the southern area especially with Ho Chi Minh City, dirt motorbike lovers are mostly able to ride on the city streets. The adventure far away from the city center still has not got much presence of female participators as their interest just at the level of a lover, not as real adventurers.

Likewise, if other backpackers go to the site to check-in, take photos for remembering, take a rest and relax, etc., off-road Vietnam motorbikes riders are fond of various obstacles with soils or crap muddy road or even river crossing, which risks their life through only tiny mistake.

For trail motorcycles enthusiasts, the favorite destinations stand as mountain and ocean areas mentioned as Lam Dong, Binh Phuoc, Dak Nong, Phan Thiet, Da Lat, Vung Tau. Enduro riders are supposed to be gathered at one expected place by themselves but motocross owners rent a semi-truck to carry all to the area. The roughest challenge against their adventure is getting lost and some parts on the “metal horse” broke-down as all accessories of this kind of dirt motorbikes are imported with an expensive price and it takes a long time to receive. 

The Most Powerful Off-Road Motorbikes In Vietnam

Take a chance of enjoying a fantastic ride with plenty of stretching off-roads which most tourists to Vietnam never see, a must- be-recommended agent for rent is BM Travel Adventure located at Cau Giay, Vietnam and always verify and invest in motorbikes the latest versions and maintain them in the best condition as the faint of heart in the adventure. Below are the most popular models in BM Travel for your reference:

Honda CRF250L 

Honda CRF250L is listed among the best off-road motorbikes in Vietnam. It can fit for the various types of roads in Vietnam despite just being imported in October 2014. Regularly it’s valued by many experienced motorcyclists as it makes a rough terrain adventure in Vietnam be a great discovery.

Filled with better fuel injection system Honda PGM-FI and throttle body, the CRF250L highlights a 249cc DOHC, 249cc, 249cc, 24.9-liter, 24.4-horsepower limit power output at 8,500rpm and a top speed of 22.6 Nm at 6.750. Rpm. At the car’s right side are air purge boxes, connectors, and lightweight exhaust pipes. Engine’s power transmits to the wheels by a six-speed gearbox and chain, at the meantime, the engine’s vibration is lessened through a balanced shaft. Even though CRF250L gets a 7.8-liter capacity and is featured with a typical multi-terrain vehicle, CRF’s petrol appearance still seems quite slim and in the time of multi-terrain running, the impact is controlled by the gearbox designed specifically.

Honda XR150L 

Apprised as a small and multi-terrain locomotive motor, Honda XR150L is appropriate for both street and rough terrain riding with sporty head, energetic wheels, higher front fenders, neat tank designed. Furthermore, with clearly printed Logo 150L on the body of petrol, it’s required a long leg of a rider to get a comfortable feeling with steering wheel and the dimension of 2100 x 820 x 1126 (mm) and a load of 129 kg. Honda XR150L is extremely well known in the Vietnam market since its attractive appearance and being standardized with basic requirements for conquering any winding road in Vietnam as compactness, flexibility, cylinder capacity. 

Suzuki DR-Z 400

Another great choice of off-road motorbikes in Vietnam is Suzuki DR-Z 400 which has a shallow 5-speed gear cluster at 100 km/h it revamps to 6250 Rpm. Continuously and permanently running at 100km/h without any matter happened rather than a single-cylinder bicycle with a small capacity. The essential point for a person traveling in a long time and a long distance is the exactly comfortable wide seat of the motorcycle and this type meets that demand completely.

Despite reaching only 400cc and lacking fistfuls of aggressive power, DRZ400 still drives sufficiently to battle soak slants, headwinds, surpass moderate vehicles.

2019 Husqvarna FC 450 Rockstar Edition

Rock Energy Drink is not an abnormal name in the motorbikes realm as its fame in the tournament of racing from car to motorcycles. 

Certainly, you cannot stand being excited if you catch a chance of watching the performance of Rock star Energy Husqvarna Factory competitor at the AMA Supercross. Notwithstanding, you are always able to get a chance of being the owner of the one similar. Another same design to racing models with the new model of Husqvarna FC 450 Rock star Edition has recently been launched; hence, don’t hesitate to take a look at those below mentioned resemblances.

In brief, tackling the S-shaped land on off-road motorbikes in Vietnam is recognized as one of our lives’ most thrilling experience and educational journey, that’s the emotion of riding an off-road motorbike in any Vietnam dirt bike tours or Vietnam enduro tours, just bring along a good judgment and a sense of adventure the trip will be an unforgettable memory. 

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